This is Our Story

In early 2015 I, Tom Hinton, was looking for a design agency to create a website for me. After looking around for a while, I realised what I didn’t like about the companies I was looking at – they were all way too self-centred and didn’t seem to care about me at all. To them it was all about the money; I was just a floating number.

So I made the decision to learn how to build websites. I invested in some courses and software allowing me to learn enough to build my website. But, fascinated as I was by the power of web design, I carried on learning and building websites for all sorts of things.

Looking back at the start of my journey, at my struggle to find a good design agency, I decided to start my own company. Client-centred, happiness-driven, was born.

This is What We Do

We have two big goals in mind when working with clients: to build awesome websites, and make you happy. We pursue these two things ahead of everything else in our business efforts.

These are the rest of our company values that we take great pride in upholding:

  • Your website should not only be beautiful, but it should be simple for you and your readers to use.
  • Your website should make it’s money back. Twice.
  • You and your readers should be excited and energised by your website’s design quality.
  • Each and every email from us should make you happy.

If we ever disregard one of our values (or if you just want to have a laugh), get in touch and we’ll send you a funny picture.

Don’t Be Shy

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