Step 1. Get in Touch

The first step in the process is contacting us. We want to get to know you and what you want from us before we go any further. There’s a custom-made form that we have created specifically for this purpose, asking all the questions that we need to know before starting anything. You can fill in the form here:

Once you’ve submitted that form, we’ll receive a notification and will send an email back to you with a price estimate.

Step 2. Tell us more about your design

Next up, we want to find out even more about your design so that we can start coming up with some ideas and create a design proposal. For this, we’ve used our trusty forms again to make sure we ask all of the questions that we want to ask.

The form will be sent to you via email once the first step is completed.


Step 3. We send you a design proposal

Now it’s time for the design proposal. This is essentially a document pitching our ideas to you, saying what we’ll do and for how much. We’ll use all of the stuff that you’ve told us previously to customise this to your needs, and if there’s anything else that you want us to add at this stage we’ll do so happily.

Oh, and there’s also a funny picture hidden inside…


Step 4. We both sign an agreement

We’re nearly ready to go now! Just before we get started, we both need to sign an agreement. This is to protect both of us legally. The contents are pretty much exactly the same as the design proposal (what we will do and for how much) with a few added extras (when payment is due and when we need to deliver the final website).

Unfortunately, there is not a funny picture in this one since it’s a serious document.


Step 5. The required materials are gathered and we get started on your design

In the project agreement we will have stated a few ‘materials’ or bits of content that are needed before we can actually start work on the project. These might include: graphics, text content, the 25% payment deposit or some links to other pages.

Once everything is ready to go, we’ll start designing your website!


Step 6. You watch as the website progresses

As soon as the design is begun, we’ll send you links to the mock-up sketches and the actual website so that you can watch as each of them unfold. Your website will be temporarily hosted on whilst we’re building it. It will be on a subdomain, which means that the format will be something like this:

Step 7. Two rounds of ‘feedback and revision’

The first draft of your site is done, and now we’re ready to make it even better. We want to make sure that your website is as good as it can be, which is why all of our web design packages come with two free rounds of edits (within certain limits set out in the design agreement).

Step 8. The site is transferred to your hosting

The website is done and ready for you to use. The last thing we need to do now is move it over to your hosting and domain name. If you don’t have either of these – no worries – we’ll help you get it all sorted out.


Step 9. Finished website

Now you have a completed website – congratulations!

Don’t Be Shy

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