‘How much does a website cost’ is a question that website designers get asked a lot. When you get a quote from a design agency, the pricing can seem a little harsh. “It’s just a website” you say, “It doesn’t exactly do much.”

And that – unfortunately – is where you’re wrong.

This is probably easiest to explain using an analogy, so here goes.

Let’s say that you are looking to hire a marketing manager for your author business. You receive an application from someone called ‘Christine’ who is looking to work with you:

  • Christine is willing to work 24/7 and will never take a day off. She doesn’t take breaks to eat or sleep, and her sole purpose in life is to help you out.
  • Christine will work all over the world but you won’t have to pay any travel expenses.
  • Christine will talk to hundreds of potential readers each day. Not only that, but she will be able to talk to more than one of them at a time. You’ll never need more than one marketing manager, because Christine can handle all of the work.
  • Christine will deliver a PERFECT presentation to each and every reader, never getting a single word wrong. If you teach her something once, she will be able to replicate it over and over again.

At this point, you’re probably thinking a) that’s impossible and b) when can I hire her? The only drawback that you can see is the potential cost – an employee like that probably costs at least £50,000/yr and you aren’t sure if your business is ready for that kind of financial outlay.

Well, good news! Christine will only cost you between £200 & £1000. Once.

3 years on, if you decide to replace her with a better marketing manager, she has only cost you a couple hundred pounds per year. The longer you use her for, the cheaper she becomes!


*  *  *


When deciding whether to go with a web designer or not, please don’t think about the cost – think about the value.


Tom Hinton is the founder and CEO of DesignCreatives.net. When he’s not reading or designing. Tom writes a weekly series for the DesignCreatives.net blog.